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Patty Hogan is Versatile



Patty illustrates starting with hand drawn sketches, progressing to complete hand rendered images, and perfected using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as well as Procreate. 

Graphic Design


Patty has created numerous print and digital advertisements for clients throughout the United States, Taipei, Taiwan and Seoul, Korea. 

Pattern Design


Patty has created a  project, Chormaborg,  diverting a bit from her focus on the beautiful grotesque, to just the beauty found around her in Taiwan of various patterns incorporating blending traditional fabric patterns with nature-inspired shapes and geometric patterns. 



Patty has created murals for various clients, live drawing events, and festivals throughout the United States and Asia. Including Chicago, USA,  Seoul & Busan, South Korea, Fukuoka, Japan and Kaosiung and Hualien, Taiwan. 



Patty indulges herself if soft sculptural work along side her more 2-D based works. The majority of her 3-D works are visceral explorations of the human existence, at times playfull in the form of a Fatty sculpture, at times elegantly pustular. 



Patty loves some fatties and creates them out of various mediums and forms. Patty's Fatties are characterized by their fleshy composition, wide vulnerable eyes and teeth beared grins. They beg you to love them as much as Patty does. 

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